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Best Kitchen Paint Colors

Best Kitchen Paint Colors

Painting the kitchen is a fun and affordable way to update and enhance the appearance of your home. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, this simple job can easily help you fall in love with your home –and the kitchen- all over again. But, before the process of painting the kitchen can begin, you’ll need to decide the right colors to use for the project.

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Is White Right for your Kitchen?

Many homeowners prefer to keep things simple and stick with the solid white paint color for their kitchen. This eliminates any risks in the design of the room, but white paint is oftentimes considered dull and boring. These days homeowners are opting to use a more versatile color palette and enhance the mood of the kitchen. If you’re not satisfied with white and want something a bit more bold and dating, other great color choices for the kitchen are available. If white just isn’t right for your kitchen, you can find something that is better suited for your style without choosing a color that is over dramatic and overbeating, instantly creating a great look in your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Paint Colors

If you want a color bolder and brighter than white, here are some of the best choices for your kitchen.

  • Light Yellow: Don’t go bold with your yellow and you’ll add color that relaxes and calms everyone in the house while also adding charm to your space. This is exactly what you want in the room where delicious meals are created.
  • Red: Red isn’t a kitchen color that any homeowner would be comfortable with, but for those with a flair for warmth and creativity, the right shade of red can certainly add an unexpected flavor and appeal to the room.
  • Green: Another unexpected color that works wonders in the kitchen is green. While most people shy away from the darker green, light greens, including mint green, are very popular. Electing a shade of green can add a whole new ambiance to the room, but carefully choose the color or you may regret it later.
  • Orange: Another popular kitchen paint color is orange. Just as there are a variety of shades or the other colors on the list, so to will you find a variety of shades of orange. Carefully choose your shade, taking into consideration that it will darken the room.

These are just a few of the most popular kitchen paint colors for 2016 so far this year. It is beneficial to keep up with the latest trends, however, as paint color choices often change.

The Bottom Line

Do not wait another day to begin painting your kitchen in one of the fantastic color choices listed above. With this fresh coat of paint and an overall new ambiance, the kitchen will soon become your favorite room in the house!