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Enhance your Kitchen with Open Space Shelves

Enhance your Kitchen with Open Space Shelves

Open space shelves change the entire outlook of your kitchen while offering a substantial number of benefits that rarely come with the usual kitchen improvements and updates. Easy and affordable, many may even be able to call this a DIY project and get it all done on a Saturday evening. If you’re looking to make a simple, yet boastful, enhancement to your home, the addition of these shelves is very much worth considering.

Open Space Shelves Benefits

The benefits of open space shelves are numerous. The benefits include:

  • You can easily add these shelves to any size kitchen. For homeowners working with limited space, they are quite awesome indeed.
  • The cost of the shelf addition is very reasonable. You are in complete control over the cost of the project. Oftentimes a couple hundred bucks is more than enough to add several shelves to the kitchen.
  • Some people add the shelves on their own without hiring a professional.
  • There is no need to tear out your existing cabinets or kitchen, saving money, time, and headache
  • The possibilities for these shelves are endless. You can find shelves in various sizes, and with your creativity in full effect, you can complete any kind of project that tickles your fancy.
  • Your shelf project can help you express your individuality and creativity. It is easy to decorate these shelves with paint, etc.

DIY made up from old rusty screws.

Where to Place Open Shelves

Open shelves can be placed anywhere in the kitchen with ample space on the wall. The space should also be sturdy enough to hold the screws and the shelves, as well as the items that you intend to place on top of it. Consider the purpose of the selves when deciding where in the kitchen to place them. While shelves above the cabinets are a good idea when you want to add decorative additions, it isn’t such a good idea if you are looking for a place to store your dishes.

Many homeowners elect to place smaller shelves beside their stove or range. This added shelf makes storing herbs and spices, knives, kitchen towels, etc. within easy access and out of the way. Sometimes the best place for the shelves is underneath the current cabinets that you have in place. Again, the ideas and possibilities here are endless.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a worthwhile kitchen upgrade that won’t cost an arm and a leg but will also provide you with ample benefits and usage, this is a versatile idea worth considering. Your kitchen will look amazing with the open shelves and you’ll certainly appreciate the added space that you now have available.