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The Impact of Colors in your Home

The Impact of Colors in your Home

Look around you. Colors are to your left; to your right. They’re in front of you and behind you. Realize it or not, those colors leave an impact on your mood, your thoughts and feelings, and even the way that you behave. Because of the strong impact colors have, it is vital that you are carefully selecting them when updating or improving the look of your home with paint.

Paint buckets with various colored paint

Colors are everywhere

Most of us like the colors that we like and prefer certain hues based upon our life experiences and perceptions, or those that we’ve been instilled due to culture. Warm colors, such as orange, yellow and red, create a cozy atmosphere while cool colors like green and blue add size to a smaller room because the recede from the eye and create feeling of spaciousness. Most homes feature a variety of each of the color tones.

As a general rule of thumb, keep this in mind:

  • When you desire energy to fill a room, warm colors are required
  • Use cool colors when you want people to feel at ease, such as in the bedroom

Color schemes are developed for the purpose of helping create the perfect home. Avoid the use of too many schemes because this can easily overwhelm the eye. It is a good idea to choose at least one or two contrasting colors because this is what captures the eye.

Here are a few additional points to ponder concerning the color of your home’s interior.

  • Warm colors are intense and create like feelings
  • Cool colors create feeling of relaxation
  • Colors impact our mood. Because of this, hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc. oftentimes use cool colors like blue or green on their walls in an attempt to ease their patient’s minds.
  • More often than not, the colors that a person chooses for their home matches their personality.
  • There are many cultural aspects to colors as well. For example, the color red, in china, means it is time for celebration while in India the same color is associated with pureness and purity.

Select a Home Improvement Specialist for your Painting Needs

Many people are unaware of the effects the colors chosen for their home has, but the truth remains. When it is time to style your home, hire a home improvement specialist to collaborate on colors and color schemes if you want to create ambiance and intrigue that matches your personality throughout the home.